Old Infinite Flight Players

Hello there,

I am trying to find some infinite flight players who have been playing this simulator since it first came out or around those first few years of its release. Anywhere between 2011-2013 Would be the perfect time, i am very curious about infinite flight and its starting phases, if you are someone who has played it all these years please send me a pm or something i am very interested and have a few questions, thank you :)


Hey there! I’ve been around since 2013. Expect a pm. :)


You may want to PM some people from this thread.


Thank you very much :)


Yep I’ve been here since it’s launch on the App Store !


@Maxim is an OG player he’s been playing for absolutely ages!


I started in 2012 it’s been quite the journey

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I started in late 2011 :)


Never have done a YT vid, but I watch yours @Xentorogamingyt:Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 10.03.52 am

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PM me if you wish I have been around for about that long

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I’ve been here since it was just the Cessna 172. What a fantastic journey it’s been. 😎🍻


I got here maybe 3-4 years before global released. 🎢

I’ve been playing since the Nokia days, missions, shuttles all of the above, i miss the good old days

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I’ve been here since the days when the airport would Only load in 500feet out. 2013

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I am a pretty old player. I remember the times when there was the space shuttle, when you could litteraly count pixels on the B744 (there wasn’t 747-8/200) and Boeing 787-9 with the Virgin Atlantic livery only. there was no map to choose the airport where to start at. No A320 etc… I can keep counting. One of the few available aircrafts was B737. We payed per plane. There was no global obviously, the map of north-western Europe was available so I kept flying between AMS and BRU… Ahhh, the old times…

Oh and shouldn’t forget the “impossible to fly” Decathlon aircraft.

I started in 2012, reach out if you’d like to know what it was about!

I’ve start using infinite flight at the beginnings of 2012, I was looking for a flight simulator with my first generation of IPad and the first one that I saw it was infinite flight I don’t know why it attract me 🤷🏻‍♂️, I installed it and I was so amazed by their planes because at that times I haven’t try a mobile flight simulator before.

I remember the really old engine sound and the record atc messages in the cockpit that used to repeat many many times😂

I was so impressed so I used the really really old 737 from southwest, it was so bad at that time, it didn’t have any animation as well the 747 with only one livery to chose from.

The 787-9 from Virgin Atlantic was so bad it didn’t have any animations and the livery was so messed up and blurry.

Oh and I also made the mission to land the space shuttle and I always crash it haha, some good landing tho, the old map scenery with very few regions to chose from, the copy paste scenery on every region (That you needed to pay), the airports didn’t have any taxiway lines
But the textures haven’t change a lot, then when they announced the multiplayer I couldn’t believe it I was so freaking amazed to see more planes because at those times you were the only one flying so you sometimes felt lonely 😂

Then they added the A380, 757, 767,
A340/30s and the US AIRWAYS A321 and so on…

sorry for some mistakes I’m still practicing my English

image image


I started playing infinite flight when I was 13, back in 2013, on my windows phone and my mum’s iPhone! Since then I have started my ATPL training and Infinite Flight has been a big part of my journey to where I am now.


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