Old Infinite Flight Photos!

Hello, infinite flight community!

I played a lot of infinite flight before global and even way before that and sadly didn’t take the time to capture many photos or videos of old IF.

So I thought, it would be cool to make this thread so we can each share great photos from good ol’ infinite flight! So feel free to post your own photos from the old infinite flight 😄👍

I’ll start with my photo:

Route: KNUC - KLAX

Aircraft: 777-300ER SWISS

Flight time: 30 mins

Server: TS server

Also, very sorry that the photo does not fit the guidelines. Please let me know if this needs to change and I will do so! This photo was taken a very long time ago so I cannot really take away the callsigns or te information HUD.

Thank you and safe flying!


Mate, this is interesting.

The things you can do are:

  • crop out the bottom part
  • scribble all over the people’s names

Okay I will do so!

You look way too close to the A380!

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I don’t think that really mattered at KNUC at those times… 😂😅🤣

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The good ol’ days ar KNUC lol

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