Old flyer returning!

(Feel free to tell me off as this is my first post and didn’t know where to put it)

Hello, hope you are having a nice day! This is a weird rant about me coming back to Infinite Flight after 2 years after deleting the game.

I decided that after 198,000 hrs of flying and a total of 3 years, I didn’t want to play Infinite Flight as the overall game for me did not progress in the way that I thought it would with minimal updates and aircraft being added giving me a sense that many hours had been put into the game for nothing.

For whatever reason, around 2 days ago I decided to download this game again and wow I have to say I was more than impressed with the style of the game and how far it has grown. I don’t know if many people see what I have but it’s really interesting to see the improvement of this game and also how far it has come.

Overall, I can safely say that I will be flying again very soon and hopefully meeting new people and enjoying flying once again! Thanks for reading this probably boring post!


Welcome back! Indeed there have been a ton of updates with a bunch of new features including new aircrafts, liveries, 3D airports, clouds, etc since you’ve last played. In case you haven’t see. it yet the Challenger 350 will be added to the game sometime in the next few weeks. See you around in the skies!

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Thank you for the warm welcome and very excited to see these new features!

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