old devices issues with the new update

the game description should make it obvious that this update can only run smooth on specific devices therefore people have an idea what they are dealing with before downloading it,.

for example if the device can’t handle the new update its should state that in the app store or play store that “your device is not compatible with this version” therefore the player won’t download that update,.

most users have no idea about how the sim performance on different devices so they download all the updates cause the app doesn’t say that their device is not compatible with the new update, also not all people are experts about different device systems and gaming capabilities, bottom line many people just don’t know, the game says its can run on their device it doesn’t say “hey your device is too old so you might face some issues”,.

i suggest that next time before releasing any update the devs should make it clear that some old devices might not be able to run smoothly if they got that update therefore if someone have an old device they won’t download the update, also the update should be made in a way that its won’t automatically downloads when the user re-install the app its should only be downloaded manually,.

lastly not everyone is capable of buying a new device every year, i suggest that for IOS users the devs can make some features only for “IOS” in case if the feature doesn’t work smoothly on android devices or make a lower tier version for android devices, i am not saying IOS users should get better things and not android users i am just saying that its could be unfair for IOS users or people who bought high tier IOS devices only to run IF on max settings, therefore the devs can consider making an update but in two versions one is the original version for IOS and the other is a lower tier version for android devices,.

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If it’s not up to the standards you expect then you can always get a refund.

thats only if you just bought the app, but what about those who have the app for a year now?! i am talking about new updates/features also you can’t get a refund for a subscription

That’s your issue. You can always turn down the graphics settings - the ‘your device is not compatible’ doesn’t mean about how smooth it runs or anything, it just means your device can or cannot run it.

btw i am not talking about my experience, just generally speaking after seeing many topics about the recent update and its issues,. i haven’t said that i have issues since i always run the app on low graphic settings even pre-update,.

some users are saying the app is not playable anymore that means their device is not compatible with the new update,. i suggest you to search for the recent topics on the support section,.

An update is in the works. They are aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

It’s a good excuse to get out there and buy a newer device. Computers phones etc become obsolete so quick these days.

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