Old Delta Connection CRJ-200 Livery (Colors in Motion)

WHAT: With the new CRJ update coming around, I thought it would be super awesome to have this livery on the CRJ-200. These aircraft are operated by SkyWest and Endeavor Air. This livery was called the “Colors in Motion Livery”

WHEN: This livery was used before Delta merged with Northwest Airlines.

WHY: This livery currently is not on any IF aircraft, and is my personal favorite Delta livery, as I grew up flying on these colors.

-Range: 1229 nm
-Cruise: 0.81 mach
-Wingspan: 70 ft
-Height: 20 ft
-Length: 88 ft
-Weight: 44000 lbs
-Max Passengers: 50 people
-First Flight: 1991
-Introduced with Delta Connection: 1993

Credits: CRJ-200 | rubicon
Reply below what you think about this livery. Should it be added or not?

I love this livery! Used to see it all the time when I was younger. Sadly I don’t have any votes left. And wasn’t this livery called “Colors in Motion”?

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Maybe it’ll come with the new update.

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Thank you, some website told me flowing flag. I was sure it was not. I changed it.

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This livery brings back lots of memories, I used to fly on it all the time. Quite a few CRJs where still painted in this livery up till around 2012. Voted!

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Looks beautiful and sleek… I would like to see this

Thank you guys for your feedback! It means so much to me, as it is my first feature request.

Let us not try to speculate please.

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Yeah your right. It’d be good to have it though.

We need this, as there are only 2 confirmed -200 liveries!

I sure do wish this would come one day! It will bring back a retro feel!

Colors in Motion was my childhood. I think they should have kept it.


First of all, I do not know why this is not closed yet…

Just a slight, very slight bump. I believe that this SHOULD be added with the new CRJ-200 as this livery is not in IF right now. I grew up with this livery and would LOVE if this implemented!

The picture you used was a CRJ7 not a CRJ2

Sorry about that

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