"Old but gone better"

I have some IF pics stored on my phone, since they are left for months on my storage, i decided to edit them out and post here on IFC.

Route: Various
Server: Various
Flight time: Various
Aircraft: Various

The 777-200ER using the Infinite Flight livery on stands at Manila

Qatar Airbus A350-900 on Approach to Quito (Its not a real world flight but who cares😂)

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER on gates at London Heathrow

British Airways 777-200ER in-flight on the way to Heathrow

Air France A350-900 in-flight on the Atlantic, on its way to Paris

Cargolux Boeing 747-8F climbing past Brussels on the way to New York

Korean Air Boeing 747-8, seen moments after lifting off from KSFO, heading to Seoul

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER, moments into touchdown in Manila

American 777-200ER being escorted, while heading to AMS

Aer Lingus A320-200 blasting off from Toulouse, Delivery to Dublin

@IF_Josh you should see this

P.S: This is my first time editing in Lightroom, how did the pics look?


Awesome photos! I love the last one!

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lol, me too

CargoLux FTW 🥵😍


If you can, feel free to use it as a wallpaper!

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Ah yes, I too like boarding on the wings 😜

Jokes aside, amazing photos!


Shhhh…its Allegiant’s forgotten boarding method 😂


Great pics! Editing a bit on the heavy side, but excellent. Keep it up!

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Good, very good, but i think you abuse Lightroom

Cool photos! Aer Lingus one is my favourite!

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Wow…!!! Awesome shots🤩

Love dat Qatari A350😍

How can you get the screenshot with moon?

Do you use Photoshop Express?



As i said its just my first time editing on it



Those are amazing! Makes me not believe it’s your first time editing, lol. Awesome job!

Good lord those are beautiful!!! good job!!

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Just WOW!!! all of this pictures are amazing. Awesome job!!!

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The dark editing style really fits the AerLingus photo!

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One more like to 50!