"Old but gone better" -Part 2

Well i had received 52 and counting likes on the first one, why not make a part 2 which also includes pics from Lightroom?

Server: Various
Aircraft: Various
Flight Time: Various
Route: Various

Air New Zealand’s A320 in-flight heading to Sydney

Japan Airlines 787-9 on stands on Moscow preparing for its flight back to Tokyo

FedEx MD11F heading to London Heathrow narrowly avoiding a British 772 bound for New York’s JFK

Philippine Airline’s A321 Moonshot moments after reaching FL340

American B772 on approach to Miami after a 2h 30min flight from DFW

United 772 blasting away from LAX heading to Newark

Swiss 777-300ER on descent to Zurich

Philippines Airbus A321 on final behind the Caravan taxiing

BA and AF A318 in-flight both bound to LCY

TAAG Angola 772 at FL350 bound to Lisbon

Thats all guys, lemme know if there is mistakes or poor quality pics so i can maybe fix it.


Loved those moonshots! Amazing!


Nice shots!