OLD ATC issue still exist

Im sorry for this post again but i really tried everything since my last subscription in Oct i had this issue i did everything that stated in the forum nothing worked every time i take off ATC is good few hours later want to land i cant hear anything . i just resubscribed today again waiting for the new update but doing my first flight today the same thing is happening again to the Android users help

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What device are you on?

Are you leaving the app any during your flight?

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huwaei honor 8X , not really i did my taxi announcement the moment i reached the runway for takeoff the voice is gone

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This seems to be a really weird issue.

Here you mention ‘announced’. Were you on Unicom this time? Is this with ATC only, or also with Unicom?

You also mentioned ‘not really’. Did you at any point get out of the IF app? If you did, I recommend you test it again without leaving the IF app.

Have you tried IF on another network/WiFi, perhaps at another location?

If nothing helps, is there a chance you install the IF app on another Android device? Just for testing?

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this happens to me to. I like to listen to music during takeoff and landing so if I switch a song midway through an arc or another aircraft announcement the sound turns off. I have resolved this issue by during your flight going to settings- live- pilot voice- then select one of the voices and it should say “This is a test message” then after that resume the game and atc sound will be back on.

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Ok I’m still having this issue but on iOS 13. I am running iOS 13 beta versions so that might be why.

I’m on Huawei P Smart 2019. Having the same issue. But it’s random like. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it dosen’t. Some fixes for Huawei that may work :

Verify in your phone setting that you have selected Google voices.
Plug in a charger.
Plug in headphones / earphones.
Go in IF’s settings and go to voice setting in live. Pick a voice. If it dosen’t (like for me sometimes) say “This is a test message” try voice pitch. If it’s not working, I don’t know.

I hope this helps.

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What iOS Beta? For me it was fixed long ago.

For this time i was on unicorn but before it happened at live ATC , my other Device is low hardware but for real it didn’t happened on that device before but for a year with this new device it wasn’t happening in the beginning after oct and now this issue started again

I will try this today but I’m gonna reinstall the app first and tested for today to see if the problem still exists thank you for the feedback

I have had this before. I logged out of pro, then closed IF fully. Open up IF again and log back into pro. That’s what worked for me. Hope it might work for you.

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I just did a flight and again my ATC voice is gone upon landing i think that i will be living with this issue for a long time

this issue has been happening for months for me - incredibly annoying. Only way to fix it is restart the phone and hope the atc voice sound works again. Note i have done several previous so called “fixes” before, such as uninstalling google text to speech voices, and reinstalling them but nothing works.

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I’m not sure if this affects huawei, but xiaomi phones have an issue that if you clear all recent apps it will kill google tts.

iOS and iPadOS 13.3 beta 3. How did it get fixed for you?

i have the app running the background feature

The OP is on Android, lets stay on topic. Also beta releases of operating systems are not supported.

Ok my bad. Sorry @Chris_S

That’s not what I was refering to actually. I was referring to hitting the X on the recent apps screen to clear ram mid flight.

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