Old American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Departure Out of Dallas With a Major Thunderstorm

G’day all, so the other day I was on solo and I had a thought, what great shot could I get with the old American Airlines livery on the Boeing 737-800. I thought what good shot could I get taking off and well it turned out really well. I am very proud of this edit and just looks stunning. There also turned out to be a major thunderstorm at Dallas at the time of taking the picture.

image Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW) to Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW)

image American Airlines Old Livery With The Boeing 737-800

image Sometime in the morning

image Solo

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So… the first one with rain was kinda cool but in my opinion this has become WAY too edited.


I agree with @MrMrMan ever edited a bit. I could barely see the actual airplane. Cool concept though.


I will admit I don’t have photoshop so I had to improvise with another application that isn’t as good.


I actually think it’s pretty cool 👍🏽😁😊😎


Can’t wait to take my Cessna 172 out for a spin at that airport! Gonna be so fun.



Can’t even see the plane.

Weather won’t get that extreme, but okay.


I can see it and with global warming we might.

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get that plane a doctor

Personally I really like this. I flew out of Seattle with something near to that recently.

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Thanks mate, hope you enjoyed your flight image.

That’s interesting. I would bring the editing down a bit but other than that its really good!

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I had a few different edited versions but chose that one over the others, this is what they looked like.


Man stole my idea 😂 I was gonna do a thunderstorm picture soon

I literally thought of it this morning and voila.

Cool Concept but slightly over edited.

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I personally think the effects are to exaggerated. It looks quite unrealistic in my opinion.


This is awesome and the best rainy photo and now lighting photo I have seen yet

Edit is there even rain I don’t see any bit if there was I think this could win for best rainy day photo

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Great photo @Qantas094 even though I’ve already seen it 😉

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Yes there is rain in it. That’s if your looking at the topic picture.

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Ya I just noticed lol I was looking at the second one you posted