Old Airlines long gone....

Merged with Canadian Airlines


Beautiful livery

Not really a merger but a franchise partner

All blue islands flights are now under flybe livery but are still operated by blue islands

Blue islands is a channel islands airline using atr 72’s and atr 42’s. They retired there BAe’s which I normally took from Guernsey- Alderney aswell as the iconic trislander and fokker f50

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I like the purple…

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When they had there chocolates for like a week and got rid of them the only good thing Flybe had

Eastern still runs

that looks totally like iberias old livery, GREAT IDEA OF A POST :)

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Talking to me? lol😉

yeah lol it does look like it

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Do you have an idea of an out of date airline?

air tran, merged with southwest a couple years back

Nice I remember that. I always loved them 😭

yeah, the 717 was beautiful, and I’m sad southwest sold the, but southwest is my favorite and even though i sometimes don’t agree, i will always stay loyal

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Woah woah there partner lol southwest is definitely the worst airline in my opinion 😂😂

hahahaha lol, good one, but u have to admit the heart one livery looks pretty dope?

No no I don’t 😐

really??? why don’t u like it?..wait, (ure and airbus fan aren’t u?)

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Song was started by Delta.


Braathens - Merged with SAS.

A am a hardcore straight to the nose 100% without any hesitation AN AIRBUS FAN!!!
Now I will say this…I hate that the cockpits do not have the yoke which I adore. So I’ll give Boeing that

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