Old A330 vs the New A330 - A Side By Side Comparison

Hello community, hope you’re having a wonderful time with the reworked A330. In this topic that I posted several months ago, I said that I would do a before and after comparison when the A330 was reworked. Well here’s that topic.

So many people been waiting for a complete, full A330 rework for excruciatingly long. It was almost 5 years ago that an A330 rework was suggested. The last time I believe the A330 got an update was, correct me if I’m wrong, 2 years ago in 19.1 or 19.2? Hard to think that this was pre-COVID.

Anyways, I compared the Pre-rework A330 with the Reworked A330 . This took a lot of effort , so it would be appreciated if you could tell me your opinion on what I should improve about this. Nothing much else to say, so enough chit-chat, let’s get to the photos!

Photos were taken within the vicinity of KLAX, using the Delta A330. Why Delta? Because Delta.

Starting off with the new cockpit. You can see just how detailed the cockpit is now compared to the old one. Live instruments make everyone’s day better.

Then the side view comparison. Most conspicuously, the engines have changed from the Rolls Royces to the GE CF6s. You can also see the A330 decal under the Delta logo removed, the registration added, and most importantly, the removal of 1 window next to the engine.

Onto the nose view comparison. The texture difference is really apparent here.

Top view. For some strange reason I felt the need to align the ‘l’ of the ‘Old’ perfectly with the runway side stripes.

Tail view. The flaps look a lot better.

With the bottom view, you can see my favorite part - the gear tilt! Looks gorgeous on the A330.

On approach to runway 25L of Los Angeles. Again, you can really see the gear tilt of the reworked aircraft!

And finally the take off view. The gear tilt, new engines, and textures just make everything look so much better and realistic.

Here are the wings. The spoilers look a lot more detailed now.

Which image was your favorite?

  • Cockpit
  • Side view
  • Top view
  • Tail view
  • Bottom view
  • Approach
  • Take off
  • Yes.

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Thanks for looking at my topic, and I hope you have a great day, and enjoy the brand new A330!


I’ll do a follow up tomorrow for the wings, someone ping me and remind me about that

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Hmm, old one looks better from the outside


The colors on the new one look gray in comparison with the old 🤔


Old looks brighter while new looks more polished

I prefer the engines on the old a330 tbh, they just look better

daboi looking great :)

Sorry I noticed something was wrong so I reset the poll

IMO i think the old cockpit is bettter as you can see it already took of before that aircraft did, very nice


I don’t like the greyish fuselage of reworked a330.

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Come on now I want to fly it but I have to go somewhere lol great shots

Amazing, thanks for making this!

Added the left wing and right wing comparisons as well