Old 787 Farewell flight @ EGLL - 031700ZAUG16

Server: Advanced

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: *We will depart from EGLL and fly to EGBB In the Virgin atlantic 787.

  • This is the farewell flight for the current 787 before the new one comes out.

Follow ATC if it is available. This is open to anyone. Please park at T3 at EGLL as that is Virgin base there


When is the new one coming out


not sure but hopefully soon which is why I’m getting this flight in early


If it was 1700 Zulu I could join :(

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Happy to change it if it means other people can make it

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I have more chance of joining if it was 1700Z 😁

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It’s been changed to 17:00 Z @AtomicHerbster4

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Brill. See you there!

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When the devs submit the update. It will be submitted when ready.

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1700z ok I’ll join now.

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its on the 3rd not the 17th… Events are written in following way


DD = Day
HH = hour
MM = Min
MMM = Month
YY = Year

Oops mistaken that ;-;

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Dang :/ it’s taking me some time to get to grade 3, if only I could join it xD

Does any one what to do a flight right now

Yes happy to. Where to and from. @Flacky

From kalar Lumpur I’m in the a321 gulf air at terminal 1 gate a53 ATC
playground please join

Sorry I was already flying in SOCAL maybe anothe time?

Hi do u want to do a flight in the advanced server…plus what’s socal

Do u want to do a flight right now or later if sure available

Please make a separate topic about this. This does not belong in this event thread.

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