Old 777 still enjoying the skies

Many of you people are flying the beautiful Beta 77w, I hope you guys are enjoying it. The pics I’ve seen lately are really nice.
Anyway, I can’t access the beta for some reason in TestFlight so I’ll just wait for the update.
Okay… let’s dive into the pictures.
Since I can’t access the beta planes I decided to enjoy the old one a bit. I made some pics of the flights, enjoy :)

Flight Information 🧭

Route 🧭: NZTL-NZTL
aircraft ✈️: KLM Orange Pride 777-300


In case you’re wondering, this is the lake in the IF loading screen

this is the engine from the Aeromexico 772 I flew to Cancun, I thought it looked cool

It was short, I know…, I’m sorry
Maybe next time it will be more, for now stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day 🌷 🌟


I’ve done my fair share of flying the old 777’s before 20.2, gonna be sad when they’re gone. Glad to see the old 777 can still be in photos that are on-par with the new 777, awesome photos!

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Thank you 😊
I’m excited to experience all the 20.2 features myself

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