Old 2019 Pictures (A339)

Hi, just found some old spotting photos from Dec 2019 that I thought I would share. These were taken in Hong Kong. I spotted a lot of planes that day, but I’ve included just a few of the highlights here. Sorry about the repetetive angles. Enjoy!

Also sorry for low quality


Stunning shots! The A330(neo) is a beauty 🤩

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The new Airbus aircraft with masks look so elegant!

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I agree, really love what they’re doing with those.

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Yes it is, glad I got to catch it.


Awesome shots! The A330neo is such a stunning plane.

And the rest, also amazing, especially love the yellow (totally not bias) from Cebu Pacific’s livery.

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The old time when COVID didn’t exist 🥲

Amazing shot I like the a359

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