OLBA *Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

As we all know by now Beirut is featured in tomorrow’s ATC schedule and it’s Airport as a main Hub. Beirut is my hometown. It’s a gorgeous city with great people. As a Lebanese citizen who lives in Beirut I would kindly ask you all to come and join me tomorrow in celebrating this great city whom suffered alot through the past months. You are all welcomed to at my home and as we say:“اهلا و سهلا فيكن. تفضلوا البيت بيتكن” and that means you are very welcomed here!! Our house is your house.
Love from Beirut❤️


I sure will! Beirut is a beautiful country!


Its always great to see your country in the ATC schedule, i know the feeling!

Beirut is a nice place for flights, hope you enjoy it.

Happy flights :)

uhm…oh boy…oh no…

I’ll try and swing by tomorrow! Seems like a nice little place!


Oh, Kamryn… Beirut is in Lebanon.

Looks like a great place, will certainly aim to fly or control there!


I’m just going to delete everything in my past at this point…


At least leave it there so that our comments make sense 😂😂

edit: It doesn’t change, perfect! 😂

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Wait I don’t understand is it not a Beautiful place?

The fact I said Beirut is a country. It’s a city in the country of Lebanon.


Yes I’ve been to Beirut & Lebanon. Beautiful people & love Lebanese culture.
Do you condone the corruption that go on every day in Lebanon? The massive blast in the port of Beirut.
It’s shameful
Its a different country to two years ago now. More poorer, more repressive and the economy have collapsed.
Anyone says otherwise are an idiot

OLBA is probably one of if not my favourite airport in the Middle East to fly in offering amazing views of Beirut and I like the layout of the airport runways✌️

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Why don’t you make a flyout? I think that would be lovely!

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Hi, I’m from Sudan and I just wanted to say “انشالله بيروت ولبنان أقوى من أي وقت مضى” sorry if the arabic isn’t perfect I’m a little rusty

Beirut is a beautiful city I like to fly To it in IF

We should have a formation flight over Beirut .

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My current FPL just to show my appreciation to the people of the Lebanon, and those in Beirut who have had a massive struggle over the last few months. It’ll be approx. 8 or 9 hours depending on how precise i want those letters to be :)


Nice work on that one, some people spotted it from tower!

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I really like to fly along the coast from Israel or Egypt. The hills are simply stunning when you approach Beirut!

Off to Beirut!



The airport went nicely and the scenery was great and off to Istanbul Ataturk https://www.liveflightapp.com/?f=b35a1538-84a5-4df3-a6f2-14310c446afd&s=7e5dcd44-1fb5-49cc-bc2c-a9aab1f6a856