Oklahoma (KOKC) “Where the wind goes sweeping down the plains!”


Well it is safe to say I’ve been busy but this community makes it all worth it. KOKC is my home airport. I figured it deserved to be 3D. Though KOKC is not a major hub it offers regional and domestic connections to some major hub airports. So y’all mind your manners and sit a spell and give a big holler for those Polks! Enjoy the shots of KOCK.

Federal transfer terminal for those rowdy passengers.

Oklahoma Air National Guard apron and hangars.

FAA hangars and some GA aprons.

Another shot of the main terminal and ATC tower

I think this completes my working photo repository purge. Cheers y’all!


I’m sure one of our team mates will. Time will tell so stay tuned for sneak peeks😉

Nice to see Oklahoma City I will definitely be doing a few hops from Dallas to Oklahoma City on Southwest and American


This man has no limits, every chance he gets he builds a new airport these things keep popping up like weeds! You gotta step on the brakes so I can have a go at Travis 😂


You sure you don’t want clearance to see PACAFs largest forward deployed base in 3D? Okay then lol.


I mean It’s my home AFB! Who doesn’t wanna edit their home afb. I’m sure you’ve already done yours and every other one within a 1000 mile radius 😂

That probably includes Travis doesn’t it 🫣

Eh not quite lol Tinker is still on the to do list 👉👈😬 it’s missing a certain E-3/KC-135 aesthetics lol.

Yeah we all want the 135 and AWACS and Rivet joint and every other variant used on the 707 platform

Man can dream, a man can dream lol

Yeah if only IFAET skills could be used in livery making, if they cut you loose in that we’d have the whole thing done by now

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Yeah looking over it now your like mr steal yo girl but with airports. The homies on the IFAET waitlist punching the air rn cuz sneed rolling up and finishing off the entire USA

Lol ain’t nobody got time for that. No seriously IFAET is a beast and the talent within is crazy. I get a lot of inspiration from a good number of the editors.


Yeah to prevent me not being able to work on Travis you should work on the behemoth of Edwards and you have to reconnect the north site cuz I’m pretty sure it’s not in IF

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I’ll finish KDOV first then see where I’m at.

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KDOV don’t feel the same without the C-5 same goes for Travis as well.

I hear yeah but who knows what the future holds, I’m surprised every update IF produces. So you just never know🤞🏻

Yeah we’re all praying they add the big one

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Same! I can’t wait! :D


Thank you for your work on this! I live in the OKC area so I’m very excited and surprised to see this one done! Looking forward to its completion. It looks great!