Oklahoma City to Memphis Tennessee

Took a flight today that would take us from Oklahoma to Memphis in southwest 737. I had to because it was the only available flight or else I would have flown deltas A320 family.

At the gate getting ready to board

Found my seat not too bad

Going up for pushback

Now taxing to the runway

On the runway ready for take off

Perfect rotation not much more to say

at Cruise

Making app could not get good pictures of the landing pretty disappointed

Taxing to the gate overall the flight was pretty quiet and the landing was solid overall 7.75/10

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Oklahoma City- Memphis Tennessee


It’s a 737 800 or 900 ??

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the plane is 800

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Ok, thank you

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Great way to take us through your flight!

Nice shots mate!

Southwest doesn’t have -900s.

most likely 800 as sw does not have 900s

nice pictures!

Always love a good Oklahoma flight!

Southwest doesn’t operate the 900 😔 hopefully in the future though!

Nice trip report mate!