Oklahoma air show today!

Hey guys! I’m exited to say that the Oklahoma air show will be tomorrow hope you all can come.
There will even be a B2 and the thunderbirds will be preforming!

Maybe a link or some background; try and make the topic worthwhile.

I’ve seen the thunderbirds perform I think 6 times. It’s always a good show.

Back in 2015 I think, they were taking off for practice where I used to work and number 6 declared an emergency with me. Turns out they ground crew didn’t pull the pins from his gear, so it was a short flight for him.

I can also confirm that the control tower, at least inside the cab, is not the best place to watch an air show from. Once they get above our windows, we can’t see anything! Lol


I’m an explorer for the sheriff office for Oklahoma county and I believe it’s on Sunday since we are gonna be there for the tinker air show unless you are talking about a different air show in the state

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I saw the T-Birds at Tinker once, and a bunch of times at Travis. Always thrilling show. I was born in Timker and was back a few years ago. Share photos!

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It’s Saturday through Sunday.

Here’s a link, if someone wants more information:

Air Show Homepage

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