Okay, but where's my 3D airport?

Hello, aviators!

<fun>There comes a point in every Infinite Flight user’s life when they repeatedly spam their favorite airport over and over and over in the comments hoping to change the world.</fun> Well, friends, we’d like to give a little explanation and insight into how the 3D airports are actually being added to Infinite Flight.

This process will be iterated upon like everything in Infinite Flight! Our hope is to expand this group as resources allow.

I hope everyone is enjoying 21.7 so far! More great airports and features to come.

PS. Please use this as a resource for folks who may not have the memo and assume their uncontrolled grass strip is being purposefully ignored 🥴


Thanks for this post.😀

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But where’s my 3D airport? Oh wait it’s in app lol



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Thanks for the topic Jason. It comes well in line with many comments seen earlier today, not to say that these users were in the wrong, but not educated on the subject.

I look forward to what the 3D editing team choose next for the updates!

Where’s the bribe email again? :p

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Thanks Jason, your blog posts are so inspiring I now want write one myself. You reckon “1000 3D airports Infinite Flight hasn’t added yet” would be a good title?

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K but does anyone know when helsinki will be added

How is ATL not done yet? Also not a request for a 3D terminal but can y’all possibly revamp the air carrier ramp or possibly the airport as a whole at AVL so there is actually gate space and guidelines so parking isn’t left to the imagination. I would love to do the flights I work irl but that fact makes it difficult to do with realism


Thanks, Jason; I love the article! It answers most of my questions about the selection process!

Maybe in the future, describe how you build a 3D airport from scratch! That has always been a question of mine!

Wonder who did those. 🤔🤔


I don’t know but whoever did must really love those airports lol


I think we have found the person who did those!

Partially, because of the same reason you’re asking. It’s massive in oh so many ways. But don’t worry, it’s not forgotten :) And there’s more of the world out there than just the US, which by far has the most 3D airports per country as it right now.


🤔 Does this mean we shall be seeing it in the sim with 3D soon?


The most relative term within the Infinite Flight universe.

At some point, of course you will.


That is probably the most said word on the forum. 😂 Anyways glad to see some detail
about the 3D airports!


Nice article!

Is this going to be mainly done by Airport Editing Team?

tbh it would be nice to see one of these in the making

I mean it’s clear that sooner or later everyone will catch on to the idea that soon is neither now nor later, but a point in between that will arrive sooner than one expects, but later than now. I see the idea being widely accepted soon, but since we are not yet at that stage now, and later would be too late for others to understand its importance without raising a fuss, we should therefore expect to have people catch on soon… ;)

On a serious note, definitely a good reminder and update on the in-app airport development process. Still amazed that the team has basically created an app within an app re the editor software.