Okay Buckaroo's it's a Nashville Spotting Session

After driving around BNA and getting the lay of the land I found myself a rather lucky spot. The known spotting locations here left me curious for a better view and I found it. These were shot from 2 locations.

I tell myself almost each spotting session my photos get better and better but the quality has been sub-par.

I’m more educated now then before in the manual settings although still not perfect, these shots should prove a better overall images then previous ones. I’ve changed format to RAW from jpeg which I had on accident. That alone makes a difference.

First up is a SWA Max just over the tall grass blades rotating. One of the more visually attractive ones of the day.

United Evo-blue Max contrasting well with trees.

Rogue with a Smurf blue nose cone.

AA 737-8

Same AA but with downtown Nashville in the background. And yes, I was laying in the tall grass to get these shots. There was no fence to shoot through. That’s all I’ll say about that.

These were the best quality of New Mexico One that came out. I’m satisfied with them for now.

Second location… Tower shot!

How about a 23 year old 717-200 off to Detroit…

SWA shots are kind to me, this one came out well. The lighting was decent.

Let me know your favorite and hopefully I’ll have another topic to share sooner then later.


Great shots!


Amazing pictures!

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Love that Minidog picture. 🤩

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Thank you!

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Nice shots! Quite like the grass in the foreground in some of these. Nice job!

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Appreciate it, thanks.

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Fantastic shots! Somehow, unusually vivid. I keep re-looking at that last shot, something about the angles.

There’s gotta be a fitting soundtrack for these somewhere.

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They all could be more vivid and detailed. But I’m moving in the right direction towards that now. Glad you like them.

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I thought all of them were exceptional for that. With the last one there’s just an extra “it feels like flight” in a way I can’t explain, from the angles or something, that makes me take a second look trying to figure out why.

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Every image resonates differently to everyone. If you zoom in on that last image you can make out the landscape in front and under the plane.