Ok what is going On with my live I need help!!

Ok I have been trying to go on atc playground and I can’t. It’s not working there is know one online. That’s not possible lol. Plz help me fix this.

as you cons see by the photos there is people online and it says there is not and when I load in there is no atc and no planes.

The server(s) Is(are) down. Please wait for a few minutes for it to spring back up.

Have a nice talk with your family meanwhile. They might seem like nice people (sarcasm)


I’m having issues since last night. No connection at ALL. I’ve uninstalled and re installed with no luck. Please help

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I’ve been having the same issues since yesterday. When is it going to be fixed?

Same thing I don’t know what is going on

This is a duplicate :-(

They have been on and off all week. Matt says he is going to try and fix on Saturday afternoon :-P