OK i just lost control

OK so my screen goes black which has been sorted then now on final my instruments and my power throttle goes crazy and then I just go underground and disappear then crash. After flying for 15h all goes to waste because of some problems.


I’ve faced this issue a couple of times but it only occurs when I try to land on the black floor.
I guess we’ll have to wait until the developers fix the glitch.
On 15+ hours flights, it may be advisable to fly with lower graphics since it reduces the chances of the black floor glitch occurring.

yep that has already been fixed thanks. I need help with the second problem

If you have installed the app again, cleared caches before flying for that length of time and maintained a solid Wi-Fi connection? It’s your device and not the app.

As always, when submitting these you need to provide details of the device and it’s software.

iPhone 5s

all was fine till 30 mins till landing

How old is it? Must be a few years? Try running a test to see how much of its original capacity it has.

Use something to benchmark it and see where it should be and where it is actually at. There are free apps to use, and it’ll tell you where your device is failing. If indeed it is your device.

I am getting a new one soon

I am most annoyed that I missed out on substantial XP

You didn’t. XP adds to your account as you fly.

Try using Antutu just to see if it actually is the device.

ok but seen as though it crashed I got around 1000xp instead of a hoped 10000

Your XP is saved as your progress updates to the server. Of course you won’t get credit for landing but you still have your flight time.

really I have only got 1000xp out of it for a 15h flight???

You get mega XP for touch and goes, landings and takeoffs in windy areas. Not for cruising. You wouldn’t have received 10000 XP for that flight anyway dude.