OJAI bug

I have just landed in OJAI and received GPWS callouts every second as I roll on the apron the whole time came “10” and “50” the bug was like the bug in Istanbul.I have delet the cache and the bug is harder.

Cherrs Lukas


OJAI @NeperQiell

I’ll try this in a second.

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I guess not. School wifi isn’t capable of anything. I’ll try it when I get home (about 3 1/2 hours)


This is off topic but my school WiFi can open IF which is amazing for me lol.

What runway was it and aircraft?

I personally can’t replicate the problem.

I guess keep checking if this is correct, you received GPWS Calloits on ground?

As my only guess just clear your scenery cache and probably restart your device. And most importantly keep checking if this repeats in this current airport.

If the problem proceeds not to work, contact any airport editing member and report the problem. Also you could state the elevation of OJAI…

Mine can too, I sometimes do pattern work during lunch. It was the scenery update that was blocking it.

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26 R Landind in a b788

And you were getting the call outs continuously after landing?

I tried it using the A321 so I can go back out again and see if I can reproduce it.

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