OIO Group-Join now and get access to OIO's special aircraft!

Hello everyone
OIO group is entering a new mystery aircraft into its fleet at 20th October 2016. This aircraft is a special access plane and only grade 4 and 5 users and/or users that have a “Regular” rank in the community can fly. Don’t have any of them? Well, don’t be sad. By joining OIO, you would enter the OIO lottery and 5 lucky users will get access to the plane with very little needs!

What you need to have in order to be able to get participated in the lottery:
-Have purchased ALL the Airbus A320 family or have a minimum of 4.99$ credit in their account.

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Seems like you didn’t learned a lot from your ban. This is already your second topic in the last 30 minutes promoting your VA or flying group.

Please think before posting next time.