OIO group-a completely different VA

I want to announce the creation of OIO group. We are a group of investigators that investigate weird things reported by pilots and weirdly acting aircraft. If you see anything weird, let us know and we’ll investigate.

Our fleet

Boeing 737-700BBJ

Cessna Citation X

Cirrus SR-22GTS

Our Website

Three people co-own the VA

We are based at KPSP


That would be a fun job to do, especially on TS1.


So do you guys go round on TS1 or some place like that and report nimrods

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One should hope not. There’s no room for vigilante wannabes on IF servers.


No. We are on all servers and only investigate weird acting planes (by that I don’t mean nimords. Imean planes that do weird things) and strange stuff

By weird things, you mean a 747 taking off from 31R at Palm Springs?


Kinda. If it does a Vertical takeoff then definitely

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If thats weird then they could have a field day at KNUC on TS1

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That’s very true LOL

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I’ve seen one of your 737s in Real Life at EGLF during FIA16

Featured in this Video


Note the registration of the planes are the same. Both are N737CC


Good luck from United Virtual!

The X-Files of IF and aviation.

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Wait, what makes you think you can create more than one VA instead of putting your effort into your current airline? (Just asking)

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and how are you going to investigate stuff? just fly to the area and see if its still happening?

Yeah, you know.

no, i dont… thats why i asked…

Oh. I meant something a bit else but okay

Hello everyone
This is AsianaIFVA, the co-owner of OIO here with you.
Today we are happy to announce the addition of the Cirrus SR-22 to OIO’s fleet! The SR-22 plays the role of a Staff Transport Aircraft (STA) and operates regular flights from Big Bear to San Diego, Tuijana and Catalina. It is also used for small investigations that don’t require hard maneuvers and high-speeds.
Hope everyone enjoys this great plane!

Closing operations.