O'Hare International Airport Spotting

This is my last spotting thread containing O’Hare international photos. Enjoy.


No Copa plane, shame! (jk) Nice pictures though :)

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Yeah didn’t see any sadly. I didn’t take any photos of a lot of the international airlines. If you watch our upcoming trip report you’ll see Ana, Etihad, Korean Air, Lufthansa, and Qatar

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Nice, it’s always a pleasure to see spotting posts on the forum!

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I’ll be adding more photos as I get them. Terminal 3 where Frontier is has very big limitations on spotting. There’s only one good spotting spot and it’s taken up usually by people who want a view.
Otherwords you get to see American and united. Sucks but if you’re lucky and keep your eyes peeled you’ll find some internationals and interesting Airlines.

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You probably won’t see them frequently since Copa doesn’t have many flights to Chicago ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I’m from Chicago are they doing something with the CTA blue line?
Can you go to gate b17 at ORD and get a picture of UAL219 it is a Boeing 777-200

Nice photos! Hope you enjoyed your trip. :)

Cool! What airline were you flying with?

He was flying with Frontier. :)

Stayed loyal to his favorite airline.


@SkyHighGuys Did you enjoy the smell of jetfuel while you were out there?

Chicago It’s pretty clean I’m froago is not a polluted city I’m from Chicago

In that last picture I see an Emirates A380 and an A350😁😂

You better believe I did. Oh did it smell fuelalicious

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