O'hare Airport has a bug

Hi all! I just noticed that the O’hare Airport has a bug, and isn’t in 3D, the thing is that O’hare is a super big Airport and a bit messy, so I think it’s because of that, I don’t know if there are a limit of runways in an airport or something like that, if that’s the case, maybe. (or may be my phone)

If you didn’t see the bug, look at the taxiways and the right runway
Galaxy A30

O’hare is a work in progress and I believe the airports in-app do not always correlate with the construction progress reflected in the scenery, as they are updated independently from each other, so here, either the scenery or 2D work of the airport might be outdated as far as I know.
O’Hare is also on the list of airports for 3D addition. Still, airport editors have stated that due to recent construction work at the airport, that isn’t yet reflected in the satellite imagery they are dependent on to recreate the airport, the work can’t be continued/started until they have access to newer imagery.


Quoting MxP here in saying that the scenery being outdated, as ORD’s had tons of changes in real life which hasn’t been able to be updated on the scenery, but only updated on the physical pavements where able. (The latest build you see of the airport is from January 2021, during the construction of the new runway which saw the part-temporary closure of several taxiways and runway)


KORD is currently being reworked as we speak. Both 2D & 3D changes will make their way to the sim in the near future :)