Oh yea, I forgot I had these

Quick note

So I’m going to make one thing clear right off the bat. I don’t regularly go spotting. The only time I some what spot is when I’m at my flight training airport.

Alright, I believe I have enough photos to where I can make this interesting. This is my shots I’ve gotten last year. Hope you enjoy my iPhone 13 quality pictures!

Here we got a nice DA40 that I took on a nice cross country flight out of KLGU over into Wyoming. The airport that I went to was KEMM. Fun fact! While I was with my instructor during this flight, one of her other students who was flying a solo cross country had an alternator failure. Don’t worry, he made it back to KLGU just fine, although he probably needed a new pare of pants afterwards.

Next up, we got this nice Vision jet. Not much background about this picture other than me spotting the aircraft after I got done doing some flight lessons. If I had to pick a personal plane to have, it be this.

These next 2 aircraft are both modified RJ85/BAe142 for fire fighting. Fun fact! I was the parking tender for both of them. If you don’t know what that is, I’m the person waving the orange sticks around. These 2 aircraft were also the only ones to show up to Hill AFB over the fire season. Both were stationed with fighting a fire that was just several miles north of Wendover, Utah.

Here we got a Global 6500. If I remember correctly, this aircraft was set to head out to Europe that day. Pretty crazy to think about when you see this aircraft. Being able to land at tiny airports but also fly several thousand miles is very impressive. I bet those pilots have fun flying that work of art.

Here’s a fun one I got to see. This Alpine Air Express Beech 1900C came out to visit the USU program during our career meet. As you can see, students were allowed to get inside to check it out. It’s a nice little cargo plane that operates out of SLC.

This next aircraft was a first for me at KLGU. A Sun Country 737! This aircraft came to Logan either to pickup USU’s football team or to drop off another team from Colorado. Regardless of what it was doing in Logan, it was an epic sight to see. (We also have had Allegiant here as well with their A320s).

And with that comes my last shot. This beautiful Flexjet Gulfstream G450. This aircraft was also a first since most private jets that come to KLGU are either Bombardier or Embraer.

I hope you enjoyed my vision of a spotting topic. I may not have pictures that give you goosebumps on sight or ones that put you into a surreal trance, but I still have pictures no one else does!


That 450 is absolutely gorgeous

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A fine looking bird

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Definitely. Getting to see that 737 made my day a win

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Nice pictures!

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Im not @Mort by any means, but this does look stunning


Missing the mountain for the molehill, but nice bag


And also rly nice pics

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I love the little Avros so much. Great shots!

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