Oh Ryanair…,

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Hey Guys its Kaden! Thanks for all the support on the others, I am glad you enjoy them as much as I do. A lot off you have requested I do Ryanair. I wanted to do it sooner but I am currently doing a world tour on Infinite Flight and basing every flight in game through real life. So I finally got the flight from Madrid to Manchester. I hope you guys enjoy this! Best Regards
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Route: LEMD - EGCC
Server: Expert

I dont understand why I still do this to myself. I spent 39 euros on this flight from Madrid to Manchester. Here goes nothing I guess. Today we will be flying on the 737-800 operated by Ryanair or as everyone calls it… a ride to the hospital. Im kidding no one calls it that except for me… hahha. Anyways here we are at the gate. You lknow I thought checking in was gonna be nice and smooth, but I thought wrong. My cab driver drops me off and I was gonna leave him my wallet in case I dont ever return but I ended up taking it with me. I got in and checked my bag only to realize they wanted to charge me an extra 60$ because the bag didnt fit? Man oh man. Whatever forget it. I paid the fee and headed to security. While in line the lady behind me had all of her kids… probably like 8. In my head im thinking “gosh that poor women, but luckily the dad dipped cus i would’ve as well.” Got to the screening and I can you not the TSA agent kept winking at me and this dude was MARRIED. First off, why you hitting on me, secondly you got a wife or a husband idek. Third, YOU’RE never gonna see me back here. Anyways back here at the gate, finally boarding started and of course those old folks get to board first. Man I cant wait to be old so I can board first. I got on the plane and sat down at my window seat, I dont even remember the seat number because on the isle it didnt say the letter nor number. Weird.

Wow man look at that amazing view of Madrid Airport! It’s so… plain and boring like my ex girlfriend. I see why I dumped her now. Okay getting off topic. About 5 mins later I hear all this commotion in the front of the plane so i stand up and see miss Preschool teacher on my plane. Are you kidding me?? HER AND HER 30 KIDS!!! AGH COULD THIS FLIGHT GET ANY WORSE. Oh yes It will Kaden. Her and her minions waddle over to the back of the plane and 2 of them sit next to me, the one kid is like “Hi my name is bob.” I said “wow I dont care you mistake.” Kid started crying but I dont blame him, his name is bob. Kid next to him was named like Sophia or something basic. The lady was mad at me for telling her kid he was a mistake, but later on she did admit that she didnt want him and they found him on the street trying to eat a stick. “Awe im sorry that must’ve been hard.” I said. What I was really thinking is, “I dont care lady I just wanna get this flight over with and hope to not end up in a grave like your husband did.” Oh yeah the dad died like 2 years prior from some medical issue

Well after that very weird interaction with that nanny it’s finally time to leave Madrid. We pushed back and taxiied out to the runway. I was getting anxious, 1 Well im flying ryanair and 2, i got these diggity dang kids next to me.
luckily they fell asleep right after takeoff. Takeoff was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was rising and it just made me feel so lucky to be alive and loving on earth. but then that all went away because im on the worst european airline

Finally at our cruising altitude of 34,000ft. Flight attendants came around offering snacks and drinks, i just got a water and some pretzels. just your average snacks on board nothing too special, and before you know it we were descending into Manchester! Oh hey look it’s Heathrow! I wish i was flying there, i love heathrow such a beautiful airport. I’ll be flying into their on british airways A380 next month, i can’t wait!

Nothing too special happened while we were descending, the kids woke up and we’re asking me why i was filming and blah blah blah, i just put my earbuds in and ignored them. As we were getting lower i put on the song “butter” and was hoping for that song to come true. Alright now lemme pause, this. Okay so yes I made it to Manchester, no i did not make it to my hotel. Yes i made it to the Hospital. lemme explain. We were on our final approach and the pilot thought it would be a good idea to not flair and smack us into the ground. I’m not in a hospital with the daycare worker and her 40 kids, i have a neck brace and a broken nose. All I can say is… well… YOU GOT PRANKED HAHAAHAHAA. Yeah no that didn’t happen, we landed quite smoothly which is surprising but i’m glad we did because i was not tryna end up dead.

Thats all for today folks! i hope you guys enjoyed this one. Remember everything here is all part of an act , so please don’t be offended by anything. Thank you again for the support and see you in the next one! Kachowwww 🏎️. Oops wrong subject. Bye!


Doing a trip report like this soon 🤣


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Mom… Granny… Teacher… Nanny… Daycare worker
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Gru and his minions!

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