Oh my God, I Love It (Boeing 717)

Yeah, it’s pretty cool to see something inside rather than nothing.

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Too bad it’s physics are terrible.


those luggage cabins looks nicer then the whole cabin it self.

im so confused? why would they add the interior of an aircraft uf u can’t see it?

Cancelled plans.

It has been posted before

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He’s just saying he loves it. You don’t need to call it a duplicate. It’s not a request.


I know it’s not a request. The other isn’t either. I am just following what other people have done in other topics, no matter if they for example ‘really like the cabin interior in the 717’. It is classified as a duplicate.

awesome post

I will change the title a bit, it may offend some sensitive people.

Feel free to change it

Why does the 717 have the interior but not other commercial planes? This is what they should work on

I disagree. You don’t really need an interior. For me, live displays are more important.

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But why does the 717 have it?

Not sure. They might have thought why not, or the model came with that.

in free camera

I know what aircraft I’m flying tonight !

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I wish I could fly that plane, but it spins out of control when ever I land it:-(

How? All IF aircraft are pretty easy and similar to land. :/

I like how in the first picture the door release handle is in the open position which would mean the door would get ripped off once pressurized 😮