Oh.... how I Love Newark

Man I love Newark airport so much. Every single flight I have flown since the update has been outta here and I just gotta say how amazing this airport is. I’ve been here thousands of times IRL and its just so accurate. Can you guess which one is me?


It was such an awesome thing to wake up to seeing this airport come to life with 3D. I started spotting at EWR when I was young, filming aircraft from the classic IKEA parking lot. It’s spectacular and it’s nice seeing a lot of traffic through Newark in game now. Feels like a real airport instead of the ghost town that it once was.


Ikr! Im so happy abt how much love its getting. My dad was an ATC at EWR from 2013 to 2019 and we went on the closed taxi ways to watch departures all the time and all day and it was the best

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That’s incredible, I’m jealous! Seriously though that is really neat, Newark might not be the best airport but it’s a classic and I love it! Plus I love seeing all the United birds, never gets old seeing those big blue globes cruising around. Also love the 787’s, they grew on me for sure.

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Oh definitely a classic. And 787 actually grew on me too, I enjoy spotting them now

Newark is great, so I made a IF themed poem for it

"A sudden update came,
Which made everything not the same
A choc-chip plane came, and an airport
with some good amount of fame.
A base for an airline, whom you call United
An airport you might not call ‘5 Best’
The airport you see, in the land of New Jersey,
Newark Liberty, has flights to London for a cup o’ tea.

So how I made this poem I don’t know,
and I am not sure if it will make me some foes.
At least I know, and feel from my heart, that
Newark is a place for my flight to start."

Ok, so that was my Newark poem, and I took 5 minutes on it and I do not know why I decided to make this. It is probably my way of agreeing that I do in fact love Newark, even though I never been there before in real life!


Thats an amazing poem! Even if you haven’t been there irl its still cool to see.

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