Oh dear, this screenshot got out of hand

I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be there…


Must be those IFTW people… and you damn basket… We talking about SIA006 you really go search for CAL611


Okay, now search NOLF San Clemente on google maps.
If you do a bit deeper you find another

LOL You’ll see tons and tons of them :P

Quite down below

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Someone probably used that Callsign without knowing then uploaded a YouTube video on it. It would of been linked.

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Oh and @GordenW, I found 2…


“San Clemente:A international airport with flights to everywhere in the world.”
What if someone suggests a description for KNUC?

Maybe I will… And then the USN will be after me 😂

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Go to Russia they won’t be able to find you. 👍

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And when you search KPSP you find a 748 of transaero landing at KLAX.

Lol… НЕТ! 😂

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Literally everything I’ve searched for is plagued with Infinite Flight screenshots lol even when I tried searching for some Singapore Airlines stuff 😂

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Shows how popular Infinite Flight is getting even with new competition


Next thing you know airlines fly there in real life


I bet you’ll be the pilot!

Man I can’t wait for that! FDS and the frequenters of KNUC shall endorse the first flight 😂

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These days

This means we shall make videos with San Clemente in it.
Now this is what San Clemente is supposed to be like.


Wait do people in Advanced fly to KNUC too? I just did a few hours ago and I nearly hit the ground.

Edit: in Playground(Still lvl 2 ;-;)

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Well there are people at playground who use A380s which is unrealistic. 😕😕😕