OG Infinite Flight Users

Hello! It’s been about 10 years since I first started playing this sim, and time has really flown by!
I’m thinking about getting back into it.
Was just wondering:

When did you first discover Infinite Flight, and how many years have you been actively involved in this community?

do any of the OG’s remember me? 🙃

Happy flying! 🛫


2014 I’ll say I’m pretty OG😜


October 2017 so over 6 years now. Relatively OG.

OG’s will remember me as Alaska096.

Was very involved in this community until around 2021 and then everyone turned into toddlers.

Still love the sim and my OG friends here in my PM’s ✈️ 💙


Been playing since 2013, so I think I can say I’m pretty og. I think anyone who played pre global has a reasonable claim to being “og” but there will be varying degrees of that obviously.

Been on the community since 2018, definitely less active than I used to be though. But more productive comments when I make then lol


Been playing since January 2021 so I think im an OG lol

Been playing since 2019 not so OG 🙁

November of 2016 here so I’d say I’m an OG. Welcome back to IF, lots have changed as I’m sure you can tell!

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I started the Simulator in 2016 so pretty much OG myself!

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I found Infinite Flight while avoiding studying for finals in 2017. I was taking my first semester of Computer Science and wanted to find something aviation-related to take a study break. I found Infinite Flight on the App Store, and remembered I had used it a few years before, when I was in high school but spent most of my time on X-Plane Mobile instead. Infinite Flight had online multiplayer now, and ATC, and the C-130 had just been released, and everyone on the (new!) online community was tracking something called “Global.”

I re-downloaded and bought the C-130J-30. It’s been a wonderful ride.


Yeah I think before global there was a pre-buy system. I still remember buying B777-200LR because I wanted to fly Air India.

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Back in my day, we were able to have IF on the Kindle Fire


Started in 2015, pretty much an OG, raked in a lot of violations then😂. You could still fly at full speed without any speed restrictions.At the time pilots could still ghost/report you whilst flying 😅.
Notams were brought in, I think it was at KEGE, aircraft restrictions, at the time couldn’t understand what they were and got ghosted by one of the staff who had spawned in at the airport…
It was an interesting time, and now to see how the sim has evolved and transitioned, it’s really amazing…

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2015 for me, I’d say that counts!

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March of 2016 for me, so 7 almost 8 years on this simulator…

I remember i bought several planes and a couple reigons, didnt end up buying the pro sub until Dec 2017. Its been on and off since then.

IF is also the only flight simulator ive ever played really. I never had the computer or equipment for PC sims. And i never really got into RFS or X-Plane mobile, so IF was the option i had.

Time goes by quick. And progress, holy if you wouldve told me 7 years ago that IF would have global, 3D airports, and animated cockpits I would have never believed you!

i think i’ve been in the sim for little over 10 years now

2016 somewhat og?

Late 2011 - defo an OG.


2012 I haven’t the possibility to buy IF so I downloaded a free version, after that in 2015 bought it, 2020 my first pro subscription and here we are.

Well, it’s been since December 2013 flying on IF for me so I guess that makes a decade now. I first discovered it earlier on in 2013 and watched a couple videos on it which sparked my interest. This is the oldest picture I could find. The app has come so far :') No clue why I was at KNUC with this livery


Been inactive in community but i was here around when 787 had no flap animations and 747 was first released 🙂