Why is Infinite Flight saying that I’m offline?
I restarted, reinstalled Infinite Flight and rebooted my modem. It says that I have 0XP and flight hours. And when I press the grade button IF crash. I’m logged in with Facebook, maybe Facebook have problems. The live data is working but the account not. It also not log in on the site. Liveflight is also not working.

IPhone 6s and iPad Air 2
iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10
Latest IF version

Thank You!


Happened to me twice. And both times, I needed to delete and reinstall IF. Delete and reinstall. It will fix the problem. All of your purchases will remain don’t worry


I do this but it didn’t work

Then you should throw your device in the middle of the nearest busy highway (or on the runway of the nearest airport to you.


Install Facebook.

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I already have Facebook installed

Then do my way

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I do that twice.

Replug your internet 9 or hold down home+lock for over 10 secs.

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Don’t work

What device and IOS you run?

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Sometimes it happens to me when im on a low connection…


I have full connection

Ok…lets recapture:

You did re-install IF already and did a reboot .
Your internet connection works fine
You hit restore purchases after new install
You logged in and out of your account and still had the same issue
Since you’re on IOS 9.3.5 we can assume you didnt have a jailbreak (cause no exist for that version)

Well, we got ourself a toughy here…
Do you use a VPN?

Ps: Could be a broken IOS…do you have another device to test your account?

Mmhh…shouldn’t interfere with data on IF servers…

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Pretty sure we don’t want another incident like the Concorde, but the highway joke was pretty funny XD

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I don’t use VPN and my iPad Also have IOS 9.3.5 and newest IF.

Do you have another device to test your account?

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I don’t have other devices

You should put a disclaimer to say that you don’t condone throwing objects onto an active airfield or road.