I was going to fly today and I saw on my live acct it showed I was offline I could still play with others but I had no xp or flight time. I have not gone out of the region. iPad mini 2

Please try to shut down and restart your device and app :)

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Have you tried restarting the app or reinstalling?

I did everything you said but reinstalling the app will I lose my progress if I do?

Nope. Just remember your account information to sign in :)

It says deleting if will delete the dataIMG_2294

Your account will keep all your purchases stored… I have reinstalled before and signed back in and got all my purchases back :) Just make sure to use the same Account information


Will it keep my offline flight time

There is no offline flight time. Your flight time is only calculated when flying in Live

Will o have to buy the app again?

Let’s proceed in a DM :)

EDIT: Or just read @Dan Reply

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No you will not have to buy the app again. Just delete and reinstall. Once you open infinite flight, restore your purchases via the shopping cart icon and log into live using the same login information as you’ve used before.

It will require you to download everything again but for free. obviously

I just deleted it and it says I have to buy it again

IMG_2295 what do I do

Did you download it through someone else’s Apple ID?

Press purchased :) But if you downloaded it through someone else’s Apple ID which is basically illegal because your scamming and avoiding the costs, you will have to pay for it

I dont know can I get it back

For Apple it will sometimes show a price, though if you select purchase it’ll send a message similar to “You’ve already purchased this item, please download” and you will not be charged. This will be the case if you’re downloading it using the same Apple ID that it was originally purchased on.


But how will I know if I am charged

If anything, I’d think it’d be much easier to get the sort of help you need through Apple’s support team.