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I have played Infinite Flight for years with great joy. During that time I alternated between a regular and pro account. I am sorely disappointed that developers changed the app to a subscription only internet based model. I get deployed regularly and am unable to play my favorite game during that time due to internet limitations. Please bring back a free, offline only mode for your dedicated fans. I am also bummed that the aircraft models I paid for are no longer available without a subscription.


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In the future it is the desire for Infinite Flight to support offline gameplay or even the ability to download scenery for “on the go” use. The ultimate goal is to allow for a versatile experience which allows customers to enjoy Infinite Flight both on and offline. There is no set timeframe for accomplishing this atm. This update lays the foundation and we base the rest on feedback from our community.

We apologise for the inconvenience,



I think you can get the models you paid for back by restore purchases.

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i feel your pain! I too am often away from home with work, sometimes able to get ahalf decent WiFi, however more often than not none. When I first found out there was no ‘off-line’ version I too was disaapointed but have found ways to work around it.

happy landings and keep safe on those deployments.

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100% agree… Though I do normally have good connection to the internet but it is sure crappy when you don’t. I remember how you can fly even offline before in solo mode and loved that. Especially when you go on plane rides and long road trips there is something that keeps you entertained. I mean like if I can’t access it offline then what is the point of downloading the aircraft in the first place? You could just get the data online when you are playing the game.

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I certainly wish there was a way to play to play offline still, as there are plenty of times where i don’t have WiFi

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