Offline User Database / Stats

Hi all,

I am suggesting some sort of public database of user info with access probably through the API. I think it would offer many opportunities to developers who want to integrate user stats into their applications (sort of like the new accounts web page provides). The info that is available right now via the API is all the right info, but it only provides the info when a user is online. The same info for all users including offline users would be great.

Right now one could build up their own database by polling the API and updating it as users come online, but it would be easier just to expose this since it is already in the IF database.

Something to think about.



Iā€™m having privacy concerns with that. Would that be even legal?

It has really great potential tho.

The info is already available through the api when you are online. There is no privacy issue

Nothing personal is stored, only your stats and display name

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