Offline Solo Flight Mode

Is it possible for Infinite Flight to try add in offline solo flight mode again before the end of the year? By the way thanks to all the developers for this amazing game and keep up the amazing job!

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There is, just go to Solo Flight in the main menu

Do you mean playing solo without wifi? @Commander

Not sure that is possible, is it?

Here is a feature request for this as it isn’t available anymore due to the scenery being stream via the internet: Offline mode for Solo

I too hope that there is a offline mode added back.

Unfortunately not, You need a stable internet connection to play Solo.

I would like to play IF on a flight! :D

Yeah that’s what I thought, I would assume that’s what he means

I am afraid not at the moment. As stated by one of the Technical Staff.

“For the first versions of Infinite Flight on a global scale we have decided to stream our terrain which uses very little data from our testing. In the future it is our desire and plan to support offline gameplay or even the ability to download scenery for “on the go” use. Our ultimate goal is to allow for a versatile experience which allows customers to enjoy Infinite Flight both on and offline. There is not set timeframe for accomplishing this.”

Ye, Im wanting to play while flying on long haul flights or in other countries when I dont have access to an internet connection.

It would be nice to have, even if we were limited to the default regions.

My favorite mode. Almost no server problems. I can pause it.
I hope for a all world solo only subscription…

You’re right on this but what makes me prefer online is the aviation community in this mode… I mean you can see aircrafts around you taking off and land in a realistic scene… Moreover; the en-route weather like winds and turbulences would make the simulator more realistic

Hello and welcome to IFC.
Infine Flight can only be ran on wifi or mobile data.For solo and Multiplayer.
Hope that answers your question and if you have any other questions feel free ask.

I did on a flight with wifi

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