Offline Solo ATC Practice

I searched for a decent amount of time, and nothing came up, so here goes.
There’re tons of requests for ATC in solo, but they all are so pilots can talk to an automated ATC. What if that was flipped, so the player acts as ATC in solo and controls automated pilots? Say you don’t have Internet access, but want to work on your ATC skills. You could just do single player ATC. There’d be options to allow different traffic densities and for you to control as different parts of ATC. If you do have Internet access but aren’t part of IFATC and want practice, some would say to go control on TS1. Great idea, have fun controlling at KLAX. Instead of suffering through that, this would allow you to practice ATC with pilots who actually fly decently and follow your commands, which is much more constructive than a fleet of 420 A380s running over Cessnas and 737s as they race to the runway.
All in all, I feel this would be a very helpful and constructive addition to Infinite Flight. Pilots get a solo mode to practice on, shouldn’t ATC get the same?




That would make sense if it was a ATC sim but it’s not and it would take more effort then IF has taken because it would be extremely hard to do

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To IFATC, I bet this is most definitely an ATC sim.


Yes I agree, you would need a lot of skilled people and I think the costs would mean it would make more sense for a new app that cost. Are there any ATC sims available on any platforms?

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how bout a middle server between ts and expert

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What would we call it?

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middle where ts atc in training could ghost pilots

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The whole point of this is to function offline, so that wouldn’t really work.