Offline (no WiFi) capabilities

Hello there. Long ago I was able to fly (solo) on infinite flight without being connected to WiFi. Now I can’t. Sometimes when I’m bored traveling for work and on the plane… I want to shoot a few approaches and so on…but because I’m not on WiFi…it won’t let me even fly solo. Is there a way to do this? If not can you make it possible to add that feature back to infinite flight?


Here check this out sadly the answer is no.

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Due to Infinite flight using HD satellite imagery, FDS has made it so that it is streamed via the internet. This helps by cutting down the amount of storage that is used.

In short, having a stable internet connection is now necessary in order to run infinite flight on solo and on live.

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I flew IF once on a Cathay Pacific flight from LA to HONG KONG. Inflight WiFi worked great.

@HarryH1 he is not talking about Inflight WiFi he is just asking if he can play IF without WiFi.

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