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You got skilllzz

Very good.

Only thing is that you did wrong was by saying roger when I reported position.

There is nothing wrong with saying it but when I report final with a clear runway ahead maybe clearing me for the option/landing is better. If you can’t clear me at that point then you should send me around

Thanks! I’ll consider your advice.

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I don’t see you zooming out to view your airspace. You are quick with clearing people but by doing so you have people crossing from the north to hit 25 and people from the south to hit 24. You need to be sure to zoom out every now and then so you can make sure you get sequences right as well as who has and hasn’t been cleared. At times I saw multiple “cleared #1” for the same runway. The goal should be quality, not speed.

I saw a few back taxi commands being used and was not sure why.

Also 90% of the pilots that called for remaining in the pattern ended up leaving the airspace. Grrrrr (not your fault, just an observation)

Keep it up.

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Ok. I was using the back taxi commands because runways 24L and 24R were being used for landing and aircraft were lining up there. I am trying to master sequences. Thank you!

i have liked and subscribed to your videos ! In my opinion it would be great to have some audio …

Sometimes there is audio, depending on wether it decides to worm

Live in 15 minutes!

Live again soon

Any link? :)

The same one at the top

Okay, cool. Thank you!

Live again at 20:00

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