Offline Mode

Is it just me or do you get bored in the plane easily? Is there no wifi on the airline/aircraft that you fly in irl? Well, that’s me, and I’m sure that most can relate. As a kid who has no control on what aircraft we fly in, what airline we fly in, it gets frustrating to know that most apps need wifi. So, what I think should be added is and Offline Mode like Tetris. They have an Offline mode that lets you play without wifi. So, when you go into Infinite Flight on the plane, it can let you fly in Offline Mode in the Solo mode (I don’t think that made sense). This would be useful when you are flying and have nothing to do. You can just simply, open Infinite Flight, get in Offline Mode, and fly, because your bored. Hopefully you do understand the troubles flying on an airline with out any wifi. So, if you do agree, feel free to press that vote button. And if you don’t agree, welp, ok.

It sounds like a cool concept til you look into how the scenery is provided,

Don’t think an offline mode would work unless you pre-downloaded scenery in a certain region


Yeah, I guess so…

I’m pretty sure I remember this being a thing, was pretty nice actually

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I suggest an option called “download scenery” but for sure it’s gonna take forever and it’ll be probably huger than the android system files.
Or maybe for the selected “free” regions? Should be reasonable right? or maybe atleast with a limit on how many regions you can download.


Perhaps but that’s incredibly storage limited