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Hey guys, I recently upgraded to the new version of infinite flight. It’s dope. The only flaw is the lack of offline mode. Isn’t it possible for infinite flight to have the extra data as an .obb file for android?

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Welcome to the forum Obinna!

A lot of people would like to have Offline mode back to Infinite Flight, which will hopefully come in the near future.

This is something the staff will have to answer, as there is a reason to why they have removed it in the first place. Because I don’t have an answer to this. ;)

Further will do, there is already a #features topic people are talking about right now. You may take a look.

In short, IF LLC consider the data required too great for a mobile device. It would dramatically reduce your devices performance.

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I agree, offline mode would be useful, if you don’t have any mobile plans, and don’t have any offline games.

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