Offline mode for Solo

There are situations where we want to fly in Solo but can’t because we don’t have an internet connection in the area. This is a capability from the old version of IF that’s sorely missed. Example is while sitting on a real world flight in an aircraft that doesn’t have Go-go in flight wi-fi, etc (many airliners still don’t).

In the future, would it be possible to have an offline mode for Solo? Here’s how it would work.

  1. Before you go to a location that doesn’t have an internet connection you input your origin and destination airport into a query screen for Solo, offline mode in a location that has an internet connection: user needs to plan accordingly.

  2. Terrain between the origin and destination is downloaded and stored on your device. Note, user has to have sufficient storage space on their device to use Solo, offline mode as a download is required.

  3. You can fly offline over terrain between the origin and destination whenever you want. Also, you may delete this downloaded terrain at any time via an option to do so for Solo, offline mode.

To reference the above example of being on a real world flight where the aircraft doesn’t have in flight wi-fi and put this all in perspective, the user would download terrain between stated origin & destination using the airport terminals’s wi-fi or an internet connection elsewhere prior to boarding their flight.

i think one of the devs said that this will be coming already


I think the devs said, it will cache where you fly to most, then you can fly that in eolo


I hope they really enable offline mode the soonest. It’s a bummer when we can’t play in places without internet. Plus, it would be a major added feature of IF. The new updates are amazing, having an offline mode would be damn fantastic. I’m being patient, but itching for the offline mode.


right now u can still play solo as long has you have internet


That’s what he’s saying. He knows you can play online solo. But the Robles is there’s no offline capability anymore

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I had a work around but 10% of the time IF crashed. When I was on internet get started flying somewhere in Solo and turn my iPad off and once out of wifi range use my iPad and IF would work except can’t exit the app


Hi community, if you’d like to be able to play solo mode while offline please consider voting for this.


This would be real nice

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Hopefully we get this. How awesome would it be to fly anywhere while say your flying in an actual airplane? lol.

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Hi community please consider voting for this feature

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I hope we get this, like the old version of Infiniteflight where you needed to download the sceneries to play offline.

I have #voted for this.

Maybe it could be implemented like the Offline Maps feature in Google Maps where you can individually select areas you want to download.


Perhaps one of the FDS staff can chime in to advise if this IS even possible. I think it’s a great idea, but maybe it isn’t technically feasible.

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I have done some App developing work, and this does not seem all that hard, now I have done nothing like this, but downloading an aria does not seem hard…

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I don’t know much about developing but I noticed that IF gave us an option to clear terrain cache with most recent update.

If we can download scenery and delete it that might help facilitate an offline mode.

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Where in the app is this?

Settings. It’s labeled as “scenery cache”


To me at least this implies that it is already cacheing terrain, but it is hard to tell where especially if you fly a lot of places…
Or they were playing around with this and forgot to remove this part, either way we are well on our way to this being a full feature in the sim…

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