Offline landings

Hi! My name is Mike and I am new here. I am curious, do offline landings count? I want to join VA but I see you need grade 3 😑

I believe only landings done on the online servers would count on the grade table :)


Ahhhh no wonder it’s so hard to get more than 0 landings. 😬 thanks

You can always do pattern work at an airport with parallel runways , for example EGLL , take off from one runway and land on the other , I recommend doing it in the casual server to prevent violations

Good luck!!!

In short, no. Offline stats don’t count.

P.s. this question’s been answered many times, please search before posting duplicates. Thanks!


Huh, I been doing patterns but I don’t want violations or to land with wind unreal. I will have to get online. Thanks for helping

Well I am new to site so I am unsure where to search and exactly what to search for. But Thanks for positive and informative feedback and time spent on that.

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