Offline flying

Hi there everyone hope you’re having a good day!
I just wanted to talk about the no subscription global flying, remember when you had no sub and wanted ti fky with any aircraft to any destination? but then the IF team removed the global for no sub players, I just wish they implemented it back in so when your away like on holiday but have a poor wifi signal. I wish the IF team made the update to where you can fly without a sub.
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Actually, this has never been a thing. Like, never ever :)


When I had IF it was and I didn’t have any cracked version


We allowed offline play in regions before Global was released in 2017. But the ability to fly across the world have always been a PRO feature only and have always required an Internet connection since the scenery is streamed :)


Have been playing IF for a long time and @schyllberg is absolutely correct (he’s part of the staff as well, so you can definitely trust his knowledge on IF).

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Ahh so thats how I got global, I thought it was a no sub thing sorry for wasting your time

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I must of thought that it was only a no sub thing idk what I was thinking lol


No worries, mistakes happen to everyone!


Learn something every day :)