[OFFLINE] EDDL/Düsseldorf (Playground)

I’m going to be controlling Düsseldorf Ground and Tower, on ATC Playground, getting some practice in before a test.

If there are any pilots who’d like to do a few touch and goes, full stop landings or pattern work - It’d be much appreciated!

Aircraft of all sizes and type welcome.

Approach/Departure is being handled by @Laurens.

See you there!
First Officer Tom

Haha, awesome!

Approach and Departure are also now available thanks to @Laurens!

I’m flying as N65GT. Laurens keeps asking me to contact departure when I am remaining in the pattern. @Laurens

Coming now.

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Had to make a missed approach because I was vectored way off the airport. @htchngs I had to make a 180 to enter left downwind.

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Oh, that’s fine. Thanks.

If Approach is active, you have to contact it even if you took off saying remaining in the pattern.

You were asking me to contact DEPARTURE; not approach. @Laurens

@htchngs since Laurens left I’ll manage approach & departure after I land.