[OFFLINE] EDDL/Düsseldorf on Advanced 🇩🇪

OFFLINE: Thursday 22 Oct

Hello all!

I’m online on ground and tower at Düsseldorf in the Amsterdam region.

@MatteoSerra24 is on approach and departure.

Weather available here.
Touch and goes accepted.
Radar pattern work accepted.

See you there!
IFATC Tom Hitchings

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Emirates Airlines EK57 is inbound :)

Please let me land on runway 05R/23L if traffic allows, like in real world.

Once again great performance. Always a pleasure! :)

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Ditto that, EBBR also now open. Come one, come all…

Simon… Big ask: Could you control EDDL approach/departure? Really busy!

Traffic didn’t allow… Sorry!:)

Sorry, not qualified for app and dep yet !

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I was Emirates 56 in a A380.

Takeoff from EDDL

Final landing at RWY 18C in EHAM

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No problem :)

@Aviation Did you land safely? I would have gone around!


Yes landed perfectly. In the moment when I took the screenshot I was discracted, so a bit too high. But was not a problem.

Another Information to know; Emirates at EDDL in real:

EK55 (DXB-DUS) A380
EK56 (DUS-DXB) A380
EK57 (DXB-DUS) B777
EK58 (DUS-DXB) B777

(daily flights)

Too high, too far right and too fast actually.

I know, in IF Live I always simulate real world arrivals in real time, today I was EK57 and RYR1456 :)

The wind conditions were not the best. I landed exactly on the middle line. Can not expect to ne 100% on the middle line and speed came to arround 140 knts while touchdown.

I apologise that I couldn’t allow the real-world procedures. Traffic was far too heavy! :)

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I watched from afar Tom… Do good work all involved. That’s what I call a professional semi-node. Max Sends


Active now! 07/10/15

Coming! filler

Active again 08/10/15:)

OPEN: 22/10/15

Starting 19:00Z.

Roger coming

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I am speed bird 32 in the A380