Offline caused by pop-up window

This kind of situation has happened many times. It is regular. Whenever the battery of the iPhone is less than 20%, a mandatory pop-up window will occur to tell users that the battery is low. Any app will be suspended until close it. If you close the window immediately, you will be fine. If the pop-up window shows for more than one minute and close the window, then I will find that the IF’s live server is disconnected. I can make sure that the network status is normal, because the global server, API and weather are in a status of online, and I can load maps and airport information of anywhere.

Once the live server is interrupted during the cruise, although I can continue to fly to the destination, the plane will disappear in the server, unable to use ATC, unable to record the flight duration, or even get flight playback.

Device:iPhone XR
Operating system:iOS16.2

It’s recommended during long flights - to keep your device on charge. Or make sure that your device is fully charged before you start.

To limit any potential battery wear while doing this - point the camera towards the sky (so no scenery is rendered) and turn brightness and graphics settings down.

I always point the camera down at the floor/seat. same thing, no scenery needs to be rendered.

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