[OFFLINE] Alexander Nikitin ATC tracking tread

Oh hey there!
I’m ATCing a lot, so I figured out why not make a tread about it. In this tread I will write when and where I’m online, and you’ll be able to give me feedback about my skills.

Coming for a few patterns! :)

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Overall, great controlling! Pattern entries, clearances and the exit command was on point… Very well done.
Unfortunately there was no other traffic, so I couldn’t test your abilities on sequencing, which is one of the, if not the most important thing.

However, there are a few little things:

  • No need to give me a new pattern entry after every clearance. A simple “Cleared to land RWY 06R” is fine, as long as I received a pattern entry at some point. I’ll just do right traffic, until you tell me to do otherwise

  • Transition Alt was almost correct! :) Remeber it’s AGL, not MSL. Add another 500 and you’re good

  • When someone announces a missed Approachc issue a Go around instead of a new pattern entry

  • When that A330 took off, an “extend downwind” would have been enough. I see, that he takes off and I give you a little more room (right idea though!)

But all of these things can be fixed within one session! I’ll try to make your next one and I might be able to bring some people :)


Thanks for the review! It was a pleasure to work with you. Quite happy to hear only about little issues from IFATC. Hope to see you next time!

Someone has clearly done his homework, by checking the tutorials and videos before opening a tracking thread! This is what we want to see… Makes our lives a lot easier :)

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